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FLODDEN, 9 September 1513

Henry VIII of England joined the Holy League in it's war against France in 1513 and set sail for Calais at the head of a 24,000 strong army. Henry, however had left the home defence under the command of 70 year old Thomas Howard, the Earl of Surrey, telling him: 'My lord, I trust not the Scots, therefore I pray you not be negligent.'

Henry's actions left James IV of Scotland in an unenviable position due to a long standing military alliance with Louis XII of France, where each nation would assist the other against attack. James, honouring this now invaded England.

The Scottish and English armies met on a rain sodden field three miles south-east of Coldstream on the 9 September 1513. Surrey had marched the English around the north side of Flodden Hill cutting off the Scots from Scotland forcing James to abandon his advantageous position.

The Scottish who advanced downhill armed mainly with eighteen foot long pikes gained initial success on their left, however as the battle progressed the English bill proved the better weapon at close quarters. The ground was wet and slippery with rain and blood and many men removed their shoes to get a better grip, the battle had turned into bloody butchery.

The Scots lost up to 10,000 men including their King and many of it's nobility on the battlefield of Flodden.

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