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Allies at Inkerman

  Allies at Inkerman  

Inkerman, 5th. November 1854

French zouaves coming to the aid of a wounded British grenadier Guards Officer.

At Inkerman, the Russians planned a surprise attack to defeat the British army and to pin down the French, who were sitiuated on the right flank of the British. The Russians vastly outnumbered the British but each advance was repulsed by heroic efforts from the British army. Later in the battle the Guards Brigade, having marched from their camp a mile away, advanced and joined the fight. As the battle raged on for some time, the Guards began to tire and the Russians kept pressing on and fresh columns of Russian Infantry could be seen joining the fight. This was the moment when the British Commander-in-Chief, Lord Raglan decided to call on the French allies under General Bosquet.

The British troops morale was lifted by the arrival of French Zouaves and Algerians, who poured into support their British allies and slowly the tide of the battle turned against the Russians, who left the battlefield in an orderly manner, the allies failing to follow up their success.



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